Brit rockers Django Django teamed up with Vice’s  music channel Noisey to film a video for their track ‘Wor’. Except that the shoot involved standing in the middle of a Maut ka Kuan; an aging silodrome with equally battered cars and bikes being driven and ridden by some really brave men. Called the Wall of Death in numerous countries,  this is not an Indian thing, but India is probably one of the onlyplaces on the planet where it is still a part of numerous melas (fairs) and is accessible to just about anybody. 

Noisey has translated Maut ka Kuan as ‘Indian Well of Death’ (probably of the Great Indian rope trick fame) and the video also features fleeting moments from a traditional mela; rusty Ferris wheels, the air gun shooting ranges and the other 2nd hand Japanese/Korean amusement park rides that most of us have grown up on. 

The cameras mounted on these vehicles just add a sense of thrill to the rustic visuals. Result? One kick-ass music video.