We goofed up a bit, so turn on the annotations

I must be honest here- I have been addicted to McDonald’s “burgers” for most of my life, until recently. Having attended a rather hectic media college, I would more often than not rely on ‘McD’ for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Yes I did watch those American documentaries but they never made much sense beyond the fact that those guys were eating too much ‘McD’.

Then I realized that there isn’t anything as too much ‘McD’ and part of the problem is because we really don’t know what and how much we are eating. And that’s when I decided to do this and called my partner in crime Swathy (who also happened to edit the video)

We went in and ordered the four most popular burgers on the menu. Didn’t order the McMaharaja cause it looks big and the opposite logic applied for the McGrill and McAloo Tikki (why would anyone eat an Aloo Tikki burger? that question will forever evade my understanding). We had no clue as to what the nutrition info on the burger was… it wasn’t on the packaging…and the staff were equally clueless.

So we ate. I personally hate the McVeggie and that’s the reason I didn’t comment on the taste of any of them. That would be biased right? And I was already feeling a little sick by the end of the exercise- Swathy and I ate four burgers- didn’t want to waste food in nation where food is often a luxury.

The burgers didn’t look anything like they do on TV- even the lettuce didn’t look the same…

Once I got home, I accessed McDonald’s India website and with that I opened this Pandora’s box.

And then I was horrified enough to not go back to McD for a while and especially stay off my favourite McD Indian burger- The McSpicy Paneer- which is the equivalent of consuming 46g of pure fat.

And then to think of it, these are McD’s figures-  I have no idea if these are actual or not.