For over 10 years, J.K. had us rocking and ‘rowling’ to her tune as Pottermania took the world by a storm. During those magical days, when 12-year olds used mops to pretend they were broomsticks (or maybe that was just me!) and discovered that Accio Cookies didn’t work in real life, the HP fandom grew steadily. Out of this cauldron of (umm…) awesomeness (with a pinch of Bicorn and a dash of lace-wing flies) grew WROCK, or Wizard Rock!

With bands such as ‘The Whomping Willows’, ‘Roonil Wazlib’, ‘The Remus Lupins’ and the ‘Parselmouths’, Wrock as a genre developed sometime between 2001 and 2004. What’s more surprising is that this movement that lasted for a brief period of around 3 years gradually encompassed over 880 bands!

Most ‘Wrockers’ play and write songs from the perspective of central characters from the series such as Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Fred and George Weasly and even Moaning Myrtle (from the toilet, remember?)

While most of the ‘Wrocking’ is restricted to Potter jargon (Nimbus, Infinitus) and playing at any of the band member’s garage, some Wrock bands promote reading among children by performing in schools, libraries and bookstores. While performing anywhere, the Wrock band ‘Harry and the Potters’ pretends to be various characters from the books with the lead singer as Harry and the others as Ron and Bill Weasly (sometimes even Hermione!)

Wrock historians have found after not-so-extensive research that the first Wrock song was ‘Ode to Harry’ sung from Ginny Weasly’s perspective by the Switchblade Kittens. The first Wrock band would be ‘Harry and the Potters’, comprising of the brothers, Paul and Joe Degeorge. Some of their famous songs include, Voldemort Can’t Stop The Rock, Save Ginny Weasly, I am a Wizard and Luna Lovegood Is OK.

Here is a list of Wrock bands that are definitely worth listening to

1. Draco and The Malfoys

Step brothers Brian Ross and Bradley Mehlenbacher saw ‘Harry and the Potters’ playing at a party and thought they would start ‘Draco and the Malfoys’ as a joke. They began gaining popularity with songs such as My Dad Is Dead (Your Dad Is Rich) and It’s A Slytherin World. With satirical and mocking lyrics, this band does not lose any chance to put Harry and his friends down!

“My dad’s always there,
To open all my doors.
You have to call a patronus,
Just to catch a glimpse of yours.”

My Dad Is Dead (Your Dad Is Rich)



2. Ministry Of Magic

Taken right off the series, ‘Ministry of Magic’ is perhaps the best Wrock band when it comes to the sound but unlike other bands, this one is not very witty or biased to a certain character when it comes to their lyrics. Their genre is Electronica/ Powerpop. Three of the Six members of MoM also perform for a Christian Rock band called ‘The 38th Parallel’. With songs such as Accio Love, Marauder’s Map and Meet Me On Diagon Alley, the band’s music can be said to be the perfect emulsion of ‘Angels and Airwaves’, ‘Hello Goodbye’ and ‘Owl City’.

“Our love
Grows faster than
A Firebolt soaring above”

– (Meet Me On Diagon Alley)

3. The Moaning Myrtles

‘The Moaning Myrtles’ comprises of a duo whose names are not very important (Nina and Lauren Nosurnames). What makes this band unique from the rest is the eklectic genres they explore with an almost gospel-like Don’t Throw That Book At Me to a disty blonde pop Prefects Are Hot, the Myrtles make Miley look like a Powerpuff Girl!

If you haven’t guessed it already, (what are you, a squib?) ‘The Moaning Myrtles’ sing from the perspective of the original Moaning Myrtle, the ghost that haunts the second floor girls’ bathroom.

“Went looking for some prefects in the bathroom one day
But instead I found Harry and so I said hey
I helped him solve the mystery of the egg
But I’d like to solve the mystery between his legs”

– (Prefects Are Hot)

4. The Parselmouths

In their blog, band members’ Kristina Horner and Brittany Vahlberg speak of how they wanted to create a band singing from the perspective of two Slytherin girls, mostly because they felt that the Slytherin girls mentioned in the books, Millicent Bulstrode and Pansy Parkinson were far “two- dimensional” (whatever that means).

But you gotta love these girls anyway for their painfully clever lyrics and their showmanship According to yours truly, The band’s muggle adult-ish counterparts would be ‘The Wreckers’ , ‘Alanis Morisette’ and hint of ‘Avril Lavigne'( during her later shittier phase).

Personal favourites include Prerequisites, What Kind Of Name Is Hermione? And Illegal Love Potion.

“Have you heard that her parents are dentists?
That means they pick around in dirty Muggles’ teeth

– (What Kind Of Name Is Hermione?)



5. Harry and the Potters

No Wrock list can be complete without at least a mention of ‘Harry and the Potters’- the grandfather of all Wrock bands. As the official revolutionaries of the movement- ‘The Potters’ has given nearly 500 shows in 49 different US states and in a handful of foreign countries. They have played in every possible location – libraries, bookstores, rock clubs, theaters, galleries, museums, doughnut shops, bowling alleys, pizza places, and even a pirate-supply store.

The band often refer to awkward situations from the books and mock them aptly. For example, in the song The Human Hosepipe, they sing, “Maybe you shouldn’t have brought up Cedric Diggory/ Because I’d rather not talk about your dead ex-boyfriends over coffee.”

Although they are mostly out of tune and not in sync, ‘Harry and the Potters’ will always be remembered for encouraging, (perhaps even forcing) other Potter fans to start Wrocking.

“We won’t let the dark lord ruin our party

Voldemort can’t stop the rock!”

– ( Voldemort Can’t Stop The Rock)



One cannot say that Wizard Rock as a genre is one to reckon with but for someone who wants to relive those good old days of ‘swishing and flicking’, Wrock is worth discovering!

Who knows? Wingardium Leviosa might work after all!