I love India. It is supposedly the land of democracy and freedom. I hate how those terms are used only in context to Independence Day and Republic Day.

The legal drinking age in a lot of India’s cities  including New Delhi , Mumbai and Pune is 25 and you can’t (legally) play live music in Bangalore neither can you dance because the authorities their believe that western music and alcohol don’t gel much. Also Bangalore has a night-time curfew of 11:30 PM, yet the authorities enforcing this don’t mind local bars opening at 8:30 in the morning where numerous folks have their morning cup of…sorry glass of alcohol.

Yet in the very same state , a couple of goons walk in happily into a pub and drag out and beat girls who were just having a good time. Reason? They were being “too western”.

It’s a country where bull-crap movies like Bodyguard rake in millions of rupees yet an auteur like Mani Kaul dies without most of the country knowing about his work as a film-maker.

Who cares I’ll just rant and ramble , won’t I ?

Fuck it.