courtesy Graham McLellan

Remember the movie  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara?  Well some people watched the movie and felt happy about life and the other things that the movie made you feel happy about (Katrina Kaif?) but some of the people who watched this movie had a major nervous breakdown after the Tomatina Festival part.

And they came up with the stupidest idea one could come up with.

Their idea was to have a festival on the same lines in Bangalore. Yes you read it right BANGALORE! (I am telling you the 11:30 PM deadline is making people lose their sanity)

Here’s the link to one of the events: and here’s the other:


They could have used this on a ketchup bottle!

They could have used this on a ketchup bottle!

And one of them has a website –

La Tomatina  is a festival celebrated in Buñol, Spain and it is not meant to be celebrated at Emerald Greens, Palace Grounds or at EZone ,Marathalli in Bangalore. How is it stupid?

Well firstly those tomatoes in Buñol are actually surplus crops which have no other use. (And just for those of you who care…the festival recreated in ZNMD costed the producers  INR 1Crore to get the Tomatoes from Portugal.)


The real La Tomatina Courtesy Graham McLellan

Not everyone in Bangalore thinks like the organisers, like these folks on Facebook:

One of the organisers have stated on their Facebook page that they’ll be acquiring non-edible tomatoes and that they will ensure that a part of the earnings are donated to NGO’s or Foundations which feed the needy.  

Now I don’t really give a damn about who they feed but what on earth do they mean by non-edible tomatoes?The worst of tomatoes are used for making puree , which if I am not mistaken is edible.

Anyway, I’ve said enough – but do check out the stupidity of the organisers on the Tips section of the website and I am sure they don’t know it’s okay to not stick a (TM) next to every mention of the festival. Wait- you can trademark a Spanish Festival to be held in Bangalore? Or maybe it’s to stay ahead of other mentally confused folks who would jump on the bandwagon wanting to use the same name. – They are selling tickets to one of these insane acts of stupidity.

I do not personally subscribe to the view that this has anything to do with solving hunger issues in our country-but I guess a lot of people don’t feel right about having something like this when a lot of people go hungry. However this is just as lame as bursting crackers during Diwali and painting stuff that aren’t meant to be painted during holi. The only difference being we’ve been doing those lame things for a while now.

The point in the end? I call this stupid because it would be really weird to see Kumbh Ka Mela happening in New York.

I say, save up. Go to Spain.