Censorship is the first word that needs to be banned. Sounds funny right? Well that’s what the situation has become today. FUNNY.

Firstly there was Kapil Sibal going all out taking down “anti-government” material off social networking sites. However the larger problem that we as internet users will face is probably hours away from hitting us. And yes we can blame the Americans for this one.SOPA [Stop Online Piracy Act] and it’s similarly worded sister act P(ROTECT)IPA[Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011] that’s doing the rounds in the American senate can challenge the existence of websites such as dfuse.in.

No Mr.American Senator we don’t put out torrent links or other “illegal” stuff but we still think what you call illegal is just another episode of The Mentalist or Sherlock. Screw that, that can be still considered illegal; somebody really needs to explain to them that images that are used by website do not need to  follow these corporate backed IP laws- there exists something called fair-usage policy on every valid copyright and this normally involves using low-res images that cannot be reproduced for profit.

If passed, this legislation will harm the free and open Internet and bring about new tools for censorship of international websites inside the United States. And websites like dfuse.in which are co-hosted on numerous servers some of which are American servers will face direct consequences. Legislation that censors free speech and affects growth will poison the internet to a slow but steady death.

We decided against blacking out our site (at the end of the day we are an Indian site with a limited number of American users- and it’s the Americans again who can actually do something about this)- but we are hell proud that biggies like Wikipedia and Reddit are doing so.

We strongly condemn such action by the governments of so-called free democracies. Such legislations and the way Mr.Sibal handled social media just reflects how they love China. I mean, China at least admits that they love censorship.

In other news, we were featured in the Pune edition of Indian Express, here’s a cutout:

A huge thank you to everybody who believed in us.