Remember Ashmit Patel – mostly you won’t. Even if you did it’s surely not for the two and a half movies he has acted(?) in. Chances are you remember him for that all so popular MMS clip.

Well Ashmit is back to haunt us, but instead of a movie or an MMS clip – -Mr.Patel is guiding a bunch of jokers in a reality show titled *wait for it* SuperStud – School of Flirt.

Here’s a description of the show from the site:

About SuperStud

Who is India’s biggest flirt? Ashmit Patel and Natasha Suri will find out on the latest show on UTV Bindass-SuperStud: School Of Flirt. Watch as 13 young men are schooled in the art of seduction by Ashmit and Natasha Suri, in a race to become India’s biggest flirt. Participants are groomed each week with challenging tasks that will ultimately prove one of them to be the guy every woman desires. Who will be India’s first ever SuperStud? Keep watching to find out!

Add to that this is his bio on the same site:

Ashmit Patel was first recognised at Vishesh Films as a potential leading man and was signed on to play the main lead in ‘Inteha’. Although the film didn’t set the box-office on fire, he received great reviews for his performance. ‘Inteha’ was followed up by what would be 2004’s biggest hit, ‘Murder’.

Ashmit Patel, who is a fitness freak, has always followed a strict diet to maintain his body. Working out and listening to music are his favourite pastimes. He finds that a good workout not only helps him de-stress but also invigorates him and gives him energy to take on the world.

Super Studs Emran and Ashmit

Super Studs : Emran and Ashmit

As if having Ashmit Patel on a TV Show wasn’t enough, the UTV Bindaas team actually went ahead and shot a whole rap-video featuring…you guessed it…Ashmit Patel!