The elderly citizens of our country have been repeatedly subjected to extreme neglect and subsequent discrimination. Elder abuse in India is considered as the natural consequence of ageing and thus, it is not prevented. In a country with a population of about 100 million older persons (current estimate), 33 per cent live below the poverty line, 90 per cent are from the unorganized sector with no social security, and 73 per cent  are illiterate and dependent on physical labour. Considering the trends in the current ageing scenario, there is a pressure on all aspects of care for older people, be it finance, health or even shelter. Marginalization, insecurity and isolation are largely prevalent.

In such a scenario, Charity Panel, started for the benefit of HelpAge India is trying to make a difference by the simple method of conducting surveys. For each survey that you answer, a donation is automatically made to HelpAge India. By answering these surveys, you even have the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of products and in the improvement of communication in the market, all the while making a valuable donation to help support disadvantaged elders across the country.

Joining the Charity Panel is voluntary and free of charge. As a member, you are guaranteed utmost confidentiality as your individual responses will never be revealed. All information gathered will be duly consolidated and results will be analyzed. Do spend around five to ten minutes of your time in making your contribution.


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