6 minutes read

Who the hell is Nikola Tesla?

To those of you who have seen ‘The Prestige’, Nikola Tesla was that fruity British dude who just shows up, does cool shit and just when you start to like…..

5 minutes read

Who the hell would copy a Vespa?

I had once written this article about China on this site and I still receive feedback about it. I thought I had it behind me. I thought I was done…..

5 minutes read

Who the hell is Ai Weiwei

What does freedom of expression mean to you? Well, for the Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei it means a whole lot more than it would to any of us, coming from…..

3 minutes read

Who the Hell is Houdini?

I would expect very few people to know of Eric Weisz, or more precisely, Harry Houdini. The chances of coming across him are bleak because his life has been a…..