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Interview: Haider Hussain Beig

We are really excited to announce the first International short film for dfuse.in shorts – ‘The Other Side’, the man behind the lens is just intriguing as his creation. Watch the…..

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In Conversation with Sandeep Mohan

Sandeep Mohan is changing the manner in which indie films are distributed in a small but very revolutionary way. I decided to speak to him post the screening of his…..

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The Journey of MISS LOVELY

“Cannes was a mind blowing experience.” – Anil George This Friday, one of the most anticipated indie films, Miss Lovely is set to release. The film is Nawazuddin’s next film in line…..

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Interview: Satyarth Singh

While working on my documentary film The Other Way, I came across a film on indie musicians in India called Echoes. I didn’t know who it was by, when and…..

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Speaking Tree

In the last two years, we have interviewed people primarily across the fields of music, movies and books. These are people who have inspired us and the ones around us……

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Interview: Amlan Datta (Part 1)

More than a month ago, Rajdip Ray called in (quite excitedly) to say that he would be interviewing someone whose work he respected immensely. Today, after that long conversation and after…..