6 minutes read

Slam Poetry Mixtape #1

What’s not to love about poetry? After years of being a drone-student in school, poetry finally reveals itself. You start to love it. You write your first one with alternating lines…..

3 minutes read


In trying to overcome the human condition, I began to repel it. When basic human need is overwhelming, where everybody I know is going through the same turmoil. Every rich…..

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24.5 Hilarious Ways to Read This

The internet is very kind. It uses bulleted lists to convince us that we’re insane/ madly in love with the wrong person/probably going to jail. If you refuse to admit…..

7 minutes read

On How To Be A Writer

You know how these days begin. You’ve been conditioned to get up at a respectable hour, make your way through the hustle of the city, to a workspace that some…..