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Indian Media is tripping balls on Adderall

Following up on his previous segment on the Indian elections (the video of which went viral previouisly), John Oliver returns with another gem. We thought it was DMT, but he…..

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The Foxification of the Indian Media

One of our favourite pod-casters, comedians and television personalities- John Oliver, sort of told Americans about the World’s biggest elections, in the funniest way possible.  

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First time voters in Chennai

The general elections loom a month ahead and political campaigning is on in full swing. Parties are leaving no stone unturned in trying to woo the public to vote them…..

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Quagmire in the Middle East

A news presenter once told me that the Middle-East has been the most dependable fall back story for channels in this decade. One could almost chuckle if the ‘stories’ weren’t…..