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Review: Circle of Three

In an attempt to tell a story that reveals the power of human relationships and the prospect of a second shot at life, Rohit Gore manages to interest his readers…..

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It is unclear exactly when the first published book was banned, yet it is safe to assume that ever since Gutenberg introduced the printing press way back in the 15th…..

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Review: Wings of Silence

It was tough not to judge this book by its cover. A man running for what looked like eons propped the idea of reading about a man’s challenging journey to…..

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Review: A Calendar Too Crowded

At first glance, this book seemed rather mundane – a book featuring stories about women and highlighting days in the calendar dedicated to them could get too preachy. But A…..

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You’re sitting in front of me, the sun falling on your face. It lights up your eyes as you tell me something funny. I laugh on cue with you, but…..

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Review: Urban Shots Love Collection

This edition of Urban Shots is the fourth edition of the series published by Westland-Grey Oak. It marks the debut of Sneh Thakur as Editor who has tastefully compiled these stories……