India loves banning stuff and here’s a non-comprehensive list of stuff that’s banned in all of India or in certain parts.
(We changed our featured image because we were deemed unpatriotic by numerous flag nazis and national heritage and respect aficionados, trust us we are so patriotic- we wear khadi boxers!)


Being Gay

We are probably the only nation in the world, where a court took a ballsy decision and then a higher court pulled it out in a retrograde move and left it to the legislature to decide. It is the same legislature that can’t decide on something as simple as the Women’s Reservation Bill.   The law dates back to 1899 and last we checked, it’s been a while since that century. The only person who remembers anything from that time is L.K. Advani.  We borrowed this law (like many of our laws) from the U.K. and even those guys have legalised gay marriage. Also, are you arresting a man for having consensual homosexual intercourse just so that he is subjected to non-consensual homosexual intercourse behind bars?



There was a time when smoking pot was legal in India – it is still quasi-legal: bhaang in drinks and fried foodstuff is still very legal – and we don’t know of many holy men going behind bars because they smoke pot. However legally, consumption and possession of marijuana is still pretty illegal.  Like most laws, it is used to target individuals who are mostly harmless to society. And the reason it was made illegal under the NDPS Act was because of pressure from a certain country named The United States of America – the very same country where in many states it is completely legal to smoke pot. Oh did we tell you that NDPS puts pot in the same league as crack and smack? God knows what our law makers are smoking/doing, it sure is potent.



The world’s oldest profession remains sketchily legal in India depending on who you are asking. Soliciting sex is an offence though practising it ‘in private’  isn’t.  And more often than not clients are criminalised and prosecuted. Organised prostitution isn’t allowed either. Also, Indian law doesn’t recognise male prostitution. Most importantly sex workers aren’t protected by labour laws. Thus, making it uncontrolled, unregulated and very unsafe… And this is not counting the huge amounts of human rights violations and human trafficking that is a part of this illegal state of happenings. We know that real men don’t pay for sex but some men(and women?) don’t mind paying for a good time. Legalising prostitution will regulate the trade and help in curbing down the way HIV spreads in our country. Oh, and it will officially recognise those practising it and entail them to things like…you know… human rights.


Smoking anything on screen

This genius mind of a certain Health Minister figured that smoking on screen causes cancer and it is injurious to health. And with another stroke of genius it was decided that this needs to be drilled into the minds of anyone watching a movie or TV show. So now you have disclaimers, overlays and horrendously produced AVs that tell you smoking is bad for health. Everyone, from Anurag Kashyap to Woody Allen, is pissed off with the rule but most producers do go ahead and put in these disclaimers. What’s funny is that smoking scenes are supposed to induce smoking habits in the audience but rape, murder and Uday Chopra have no effect on the audience. At least that’s what the government wants to believe.




What is considered porn is very difficult to understand in the Indian context. While Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra have continued to pleasure us through their videos and images on twitter, the government actually considers all of that illegal and we aren’t kidding here. You can actually be jailed for distributing and making porn. Though the law is sketchy on accessing and possessing it.  We live in an age when the porn industry is considered very legitimate in most parts of the developed world. (Except the fact that small-breasted porn is banned in Australia or that private parts need to be blurred in Japantentacles are fine) And as it has been proved many a times earlier, everyone watches porn (stop being a prude?) and some of them even do it while they are in a legislative meetings. And to everyone who says that porn is the cause for sexual violence – you are, in a way, saying that water is the reason for floods.


Public Display of Affection

In a country with the world’s second largest population in the world, it is kinda not legal to show your love in public (though the same prejudice doesn’t exist about rapes).  And people have been beaten up and married when they were found to celebrate love or you know…hold hands in public. However, urinating in public is completely acceptable and even promoted (good for the soil maybe). The purveyors of ‘Indian’ culture will want us to believe that kissing is indecent and that it is a western concept, they really need to Google the phrase Kama Sutra.


Women in Pubs

We don’t know how much of this law is true (like most laws in India) but there are reports that Women aren’t allowed in places that sell liquor post 10pm in Andhra Pradesh. We also read a couple of articles that said this law hasn’t been enforced yet.  What’s funny is probably the fact that this was the Governments way of dealing with that certain incident involving a few Nalsar students. Instead of making stronger media laws, you ban women from bars. Sometimes logic is left far behind in our country – that also explains why our ‘hit’ movies are so brilliant – logic can fuck itself and die.


Cycling in Kolkata

While most cities around the world are promoting bicycles (some even enforce their use very strictly), evergreen hipster amongst cities, Kolkata has gone on to ban cycling.  Kolkata, first prohibited cycles on about 36 streets in 2008. Then they went Godzilla and barred bicycles from 174 roads.  The idea behind it was to ease traffic flow. And maybe they just wanted more smoke in the air. Who does this affect the most? No, it doesn’t affect cycle riding Eco Warriors as much as it affects people who can’t afford anything else. Way to go guys! That guy riding the cycle is not going to be poor anymore…


Books, Movies,Cartoons,Paintings

Books, movies, cartoons and paintings have been banned from the time they were first created. (Check out our article on Banned books). But with all of that freedom of speech mumbo jumbo we have in our constitution – we do have a lot of other mumbo jumbo that completely negates this freedom and opens the floor up to stupidity.  Today it is nearly impossible to make any sort of social, cultural or political commentary in India – because your work will either be banned or you’ll be fired from your work or you’ll be exiled from the country (how Indian,na?) or you might even be killed.  Movies have been banned because they are offensive to a certain section of the society. Books have been banned because they are offensive to certain religions and paintings have been banned because they show bharat mata in the wrong light, because we all know how bharat mata loves dressing in Satya Paul sarees.

The inherent problem with many of these bans lies with the fact that we adopted numerous Victorian laws, and we all know how prudish the Brits are – now imagine the same set of people making laws more than a hundred years back!  What is sad is that even they have moved on and progressed while we bask in their archaic rules. We wonder how exactly did those sculptures in Khajurao manage to exist for so long, since what they depict is illegal in so many ways,right?

Some of these bans are just stupid, while some make you wonder why Salman Khan was so boring on Kofee with Karan and if he is really a virgin. But the truth will remain that we are kind of fucked up as a nation – like in this survey where the results are pretty shocking (click to enlarge):


But then again, what can we do about it? Write articles like this? Even this might get banned.


  • Gauri Singh

    This is a brilliant article!!!

  • vhde

    most of the things are not even true……..

    • aniketdg

      Like what?

  • Kadamboor Neeraj Raveendran

    Its not just the laws. There are a lot of other such ‘beliefs’ rooted within the common social mindset too. could we have an article on that as well? i personally feel that having a progressive society makes things comfortable even when the government is archaic.

    And just a fact –
    Prostitution is legal but related activities such as soliciting or running a brothel aren’t. A person is allowed to privately trade sex for money but not publicly solicit (SITA 1956). This probably was drafted in such a manner to slowly bring the trade to an end. But since the trade itself is legal, organizing it and bringing reforms to end trafficking should be of concern(reference to points in PITA 1986 and sections 372 & 373 of IPC).

    • aniketdg

      I completely agree with you.
      And we’ll definitely keep in mind that idea for a future article

      Practising prostitution in private is legal, but more often than not clients have been prosecuted in a way affecting sex workers. And as a profession prostitution isn’t governed by the country’s labour laws.

      SITA is very ambiguous- prostitutes have been booked under it for “public indecency”.

    • Kadamboor Neeraj Raveendran

      also technically being gay isn’t illegal, just having homosexual sex is. and with the section 377 criminalizing ‘unnatural’ sex, anything other than peno-vaginal intercourse can also be viewed as illegal. This section is flawed in many aspects anyway.

      • aniketdg

        that’s like saying being a vegetarian is legal but eating veggie food isn’t. Yup, basically anything other than peno-vaginal intercourse is illegal- the section is dated and that’s why it’s so flawed- the world has developed a lot after that…the declaration of human rights happened after that law was framed.

        • CoolingGibbon

          Err no. Being gay means recognizing you’re attracted to people of the same sex. It doesn’t necessarily include unnatural sex. A person can be completely straight and yet engage in unnatural sex. Your veggie theory doesn’t hold in this case.

          • aniketdg

            Wow. Time check we are in 2013 stepping on 2014. I hate how you use the term unnatural sex and equate it to homosexual sex. That way blowjobs are unnatural too and so is anal sex.

            When someone is gay…there should be nothing stopping them from being who they are and practicing what they feel. Tomorrow, someone can actually state that using a condom is unnatural.

            Do we stop using em?

          • CoolingGibbon

            Homosexual sex IS unnatural because it deals with same-sex partners. Blowjobs and anal sex may be unnatural depending on the person performing them, or the person being performed on. I’m not against any of this though, whatever people do is upto them, but what I do not agree with is you trying to pass off “being gay” as the same thing as right to “unnatural sex”.

          • aniketdg

            If you say so. As i said then using condoms is unnatural too. Go on. have a family of 300, then we can fight. Coz this is Sparta. Almost. No wait. homosexuality wasn’t considered by the spartans. THIS is INDIA/.

          • CoolingGibbon

            Since when are condoms considered as “persons”? I said it depends on the “person”. Condom is an object. Put two and two together.

          • Abhishek Nilamber

            Dude you sure stupid! 😀

          • CoolingGibbon

            Dude, you sure are late to the discussion! 😀

  • RB2

    Maybe you should work for Times Now, you’re good at sensationalise-and-rant articles.

    • smashngrab

      why is this a rant? All these are true. Move along lil doggy..

    • aniketdg

      I’d love to especially with the great Arnab. Unlike Times Now we are actually an opinionated rant outlet. Sorry about that. If you want unbiased coverage- you should watch India TV (that was also a joke, btw)

      But we like that about the internet- you can be who you want to be.

      P.S. Head hunters at, Cracked and even Times Now- hire me 😛

  • Naveed

    India needs to add exams on this list and remove the rest! 😛

  • Rounak Bose

    Mindblowing article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rikth

      bullshit article !!!
      if u think this article is mind blowing ! then there is something wrong with your mind !!!

      • aniketdg

        I am sorry, who are you again?

  • Rounak Bose

    The Section 377 makes democracy seem like a bloody joke.Such immoral,uncultured,unsympathetic,dehumanizing restrictions, will force the homosexuals to put up a facade of heterosexualness ,to avoid facing the brunt of the society,where homosexuality has been deemed a criminal offence.It is,truly a black day in the history of India,where justice has been denied to its citizens .While India is slowly advancing towards becoming a super power and has already been termed as a mecca in medical sciences and information technology,this one decision sheds light on the kind of primitive thinking which many still possess in this country.

    • Neil

      People who r gay n desperately Who want their ass should b fucked by someone they have problem with this law

  • Manuela Müller

    I like this post. Great sarcasm mixed with facts and societal criticism.
    When I finished, my eyes got stuck on the term “film nazi”.
    Two things: Nazis did horrible stuff to many people and even today people follow the ideology and spread hate.
    Therefore I believe it shouldn’t be a word used lightly and there’s a certain responsibility to keep the meaning alive and clear.

    Thanks for the kind attention

    • aniketdg

      Thanks for reading. We meant nazi as in grammar nazi but you do have a point- let’s see if we can change that to something less nightmarish.

  • esha

    i think India should realize gays n lesbians will do nothing but help in control of population and many kids will be adopted and will have a nice future.

    • Sexy French Kitten

      Scandal! A Gay Rights supporter? Oh noes! Shut the country down this is so un-Indian.

    • Rikth

      we do have gay rights in India… homosexuality is legal in India….

      • aniketdg

        No it isn’t have you heard of section 377

  • Mohammed Anwar

    what nonsense are you writing

    • Krishna91

      Clearly something your philistine brain cannot handle.

    • aniketdg

      I really dunno. I have no brain. Please tell me oh mighty sensible being.

  • anurag

    nice article bro, keep up the good work. India is not a democracy, its a hypocrisy. It’s time to spread the awareness.

  • aslam sheikh

    gay men like you will die in hell.

    • Krishna91

      Take your religion and shove it up your ass

      • aniketdg

        But that’s unnatural sex.

    • akram

      aslam will die in prostitutes vagina … hahahhahaha

    • Chida

      you are already there in your own lifeless loveless heart….

  • Kamlesh Chandail

    I can Motivate the Young Generation,,,,,,,to have courage and Change,, All Inhumane,,,,,,
    If you don’t change it will stay the same……Don’t Talk,,,Act.

  • Anon

    Well written article, A good Introspection of 2k13 ideology.

  • Saurav Kumar

    Doesn’t matters.. All these 9 banned things still happen and No one really gives a fuck about it,

  • Mithun K

    we need to totally rewrite the consititution and all the laws.. they are as backdated as British India!

  • Krishna91

    Dude, your writing is awesome. Fantastic article

    • aniketdg

      Thank you so much :)

  • Alan Melekalikaleth

    A country ruled by grandpas who r in d doorstep of their grave…hw cn they knw d needs of the youth..most of them dnt know wat cntrl+alt+del does to ur computer..

    • Tarun Kumar

      Have you gone crazy, Alan? Don’t go talking abt ctrl+alt+del on public forums like this one. The next thing you know, this key combination will get banned becos saying, “wat cntrl+alt+del does to ur computer..” sounds pretty anarchic and may incite riots or offend certain sections of people!!! Shame on you. Causing trouble like this!

  • ROD

    go file a case !!! but you wont cuz 3 types of people exist, people who do, people who teach how to do and PEOPLE WHO CRITICIZE THE OTHER TWO.( dont be the third one 😀 )

  • KD

    The last line ruined an otherwise brilliant article. I’ve always found Captain Planet a very inspiring character. The guy had a point when he said “the power is yours.” In the triviality of the same, you can find what is actually the cornerstone of a democracy. If we aren’t a democracy, we have to be. We live in a country where a random nobody by the name of Anna Hazare became a hero to thousands in no time. Personally, I think he’s a douche, but yeah, you get my point. Making a change in the country is not impossible if you care enough for it. I’m not saying I do, or that you should. I’m saying that it’s possible and that there is always something we could do about it. Quoting Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I don’t care for Gandhi either, but the guy had a point.

    I think people should believe what they are happy to believe. That’s not often the case. I feel the cynicism could have been avoided; but it definitely is not uncalled for. It reflects how innumerable people feel.

  • Sankalp

    Your comments about section 377 seem to be totally based upon media report. If you read the law and the verdict carefully, you will wonder if SC really had any other alternative. But don’t worry, there is no dearth of sensible people here. Soon an ordinance or an amendment will be out which will rectify this. At least, I strongly hope so.

    • Tarun Kumar

      Hope is all we got left with bro

  • Divyendu Sharma

    My personal favorite here was..”…rape, murder and Uday Chopra have no effect on the audience”. He is such a ‘versatile’ actor, how did you even think of saying this…Lmao. On the serious front, your say on the legalization of prostitution was spot on. What the ‘ek taang kabr mein’ tribe of law makers haven’t understood is that the growing incidences of sexually transmitted diseases, trafficking, abuse are all because of the fact that there isn’t any law made to protect their rights. No one wants to be a prostitute by choice, and no one contracts a disease by choice. Even if they do, they are not considered privileged enough to seek medical care.

  • Palash Mitra

    Just an insane fucking world we’re living in right now… You should do a list of the stuff that are still carried on & most of us choose to be oblivious about – honor killing, child marriages, harassment & assault of those women in bars that you mentioned & what not. Just insane…

    On a different note, I agree. All we need is bacon. And I do hate seeing 5 year old kids with iPhones. -_-

  • Chidambar Stef

    Surely, it should be illegal to treat others badly, denying them access to money, position and respect simply because of the so-called caste of their parents? isn’t this apartheid?

  • Tejasvi Suvarna

    These are things we know and I bet my ass on this, nothing is gonna change for a few decades at least, if not a million years. And these will be enforced only for the common people and those who don’t have a way to beat around the law, if you know who all I mean. India is doing very fine, and this kinda shit will get us plummeting to the very origins of our fights for human rights and democracy.

  • Sagar Srivastava

    Its sad, that such an ancient civilization, that gave birth to almost everything ever existed in the world, has been corrupted and infected with these black-marks. But I strongly feel, there is a solution to this. Maybe, its not right now striking our heads, maybe we have it in front of us, but unable to see it clearly. But there has to be a solution to this.

  • Alisha

    Brilliant article :) Like your last line as well..

  • Rei

    Well expressed, you.

    If you go behind bars for this, I have no doubt all of us commentators will do so, as well.

    On a more serious note, this is a great post ^_^

  • riders of the sun

    LGBT right seems to be taking a beating across the world not just in India. Its happening in Australia and in Russia.

    People need to understand that a person is hardwired that way, Science has made progress and explain it. So why the freak can’t law makers understand it.

  • Anand Aj

    well said Aniket. Happy to know that thinking is still legal!!

  • CoolingGibbon

    So many inconsistencies in the article.

    Being gay in India isn’t banned. Unnatural sex is. Equating one with the other is wrong.

    Making and distributing porn is illegal, viewing it isn’t.

    And about the cycling ban in Kolkata, I haven’t really heard of such a thing, even though I stay in Kolkata. And if this ban is true, thank heavens for that. It’s a nightmare on the roads already and cycles add to the confusion. People should just use public transport instead.

    I know you’re trying to be all humorous and all, but it isn’t really funny when you conveniently leave out some essential details. For all that Indian laws are, I can guarantee you they’re a hell lot better than those of quite a few other countries.

    • aniketdg

      You should read the news, or watch TV. Statesman, telegraph. You have those.

      “You can actually be jailed for distributing and making porn. Though the law is sketchy on accessing and possessing it. ”

      I say this because there have been arrests made on the sketchy nature of accessing porn. When you access porn you do so through an ISP and in a way you are storing it on a third party server. Aila you are technically “sharing” it with the server.

      And being gay and having gay sex is part of the same thing man. You can give up on sex but nothing should stop two mutually consenting adults from doing so.

      And public transport is good. But cycles aren’t bad…even for your lungs.

      And dude please tell me about your time machine… please.

      • CoolingGibbon

        Funny how you quoted the part which I agreed with. Please read carefully. I agreed with you that making and distributing porn is illegal, but watching it isn’t. However, you headlined it as “Porn”, meaning porn in general is illegal, which it isn’t.

        “And being gay and having gay sex is part of the same thing man.”

        No it isn’t. I can be in love with my dog, doesn’t mean I’d go screw it just because, man.

        “But cycles aren’t bad…even for your lungs.”

        Do you commute to office in Kolkata during rush hour on a regular basis? If not, you’re mistaken about the cycles.

        “And dude please tell me about your time machine… please.”

        You don’t really need my time machine, dude… just some proper research on your part is enough.

        • aniketdg

          So you do have a time machine. Now I really don’t know what I feel about bestiality but still I;ll hold my thoughts on that one.

          I am sorry you weren’t clear you were agreeing with me.

          I commute in fucking Bangalore- traffucked is the second name of this place . The number of cars here at non peak hours on the streets of Bangalore is more than the number of cars in all of Poschim Bongo. So yeah i know a thing or two about cars and streets and the lethal combination they sometimes can become.
          Instead of making dedicated lanes for cycles (like in some parts of bangalore and most cities in the world) what the folks in kolkata did was pretty regressive.

          And we can agree to disagree on unnatural sex. Putting on a condom a freaking piece of latex on your phallus and indulging in sex is pretty unnatural then. two men or women getting it on is not unnatural. I obviously can sensitize you to the world of liberal free sex but become friends with a gay man or woman- they should help with you unnatural attitude towards gay sex. It’s not the same as sleeping with your dog or parrot.

          I mean even porn classifies that separately. AND THIS IS ME BEING SARCASTIC.

          • CoolingGibbon

            “So you do have a time machine.”

            Yep, I keep it stored along with my magical unicorn and this article, in a box called “fantasy”.

            “I commute in fucking Bangalore”

            Hence, your opinion about Kolkata traffic is just that, an opinion. Now I’d be cool if you stated it likewise. And you think banning cycles is regressive, great. So you have an alternate solution about controlling Kolkata’s burgeoning traffic, sitting all the way down there in Bangalore?

            “Instead of making dedicated lanes for cycles”

            Hahahaha, stahp stahp! You clearly have no idea about the current road conditions here. There isn’t enough room for sidewalks even, my friend.

            “It’s not the same as sleeping with your dog or parrot.”

            Would you go around explaining that to the nation’s millions of minimally educated masses IF unnatural sex is decriminalized? But hey, right now we Indians seem to be totally okay with overpopulation and STDs, maybe we’ll be okay with fucking dogs and goats too!

          • aniketdg

            Lord. Forgive me for I have sinned. Why did I even try. I can counter all those points but I neither have the time or the patience. Here accept a cookie as my defeat.

          • CoolingGibbon

            Sorry, I”m allergic to sugar and biased bullshit, so no cookies please. However, you apparently do have a lot of time and patience, as is evident from such a fine sensationalist and clickbait article as this one. Nevertheless, an opinion is an opinion, and I won’t hold it against you for it. After all, it’s a fundamental right bestowed on all Indians to exercise free speech and all that jazz.

          • aniketdg

            clickbait? have a look around the site man, we don’t do that kinda stuff. this one just went viral- we’d never do an article for the sake of likes or ‘clicks’. Everything else you say doen’t matter but when you term this as “clickbait” – it does hurt. For for the last four years I’ve been at this site- making absolutely no money but spending a sizeable amount of my income (and initially) my pocket money.

            But that doesn’t matter. And bigots and ignorant people will last. Criticize my article I’ll take no offence- I’ll in fact go on with my banter but don’t throw stones in the dark- there are kids who work behind the scenes for the love of it.

   doesn’t pay and doesn’t get paid- what we do doesn’t pay.

            The fact that you assume that the writer isn’t as smart as you should give you enough reason to move on with life.

            Best of luck with everything.

          • CoolingGibbon

            I’m sorry I didn’t intend to hurt your unpaid sensibilities. However, clickbait is just that, clickbait. One doesn’t necessarily need to be paid in order for an article to be considered clickbait. Maybe you might not have intended it, but oh well. Perhaps I’m being too judgmental; the rest of your site’s just peachy. I love them music and video game reviews The fact that you find me coming back here to reply to your comment does say something, doesn’t it?

          • Anandamoy Bandyopadhyay

            “There isn’t enough room for sidewalks even!” I AM from Kolkata, and let me ask you why is that? Let’s take an example, shall we – the EM Bypass to Anandapur Main Road connector at Ruby. Built wide enough with paved sidewalks – this is one of the most disgusting places in the whole city. The road is full of dents and craters everywhere (been like this since more than 3 years at least that I know) and the sidewalks are full to bursting with hawkers and fish markets. They are kept there, instead of rehabilitating to a kind of a shopping complex maybe, for the bribes party-workers get from them. Result: People walk on the road itself, no place for cars – everything gets stuck at around 10am when the two important colleges there open – 100s of student reach late everyday and exams get ruined. Why is this? Because of cycles? Or is it because of ministers who won’t get off their asses to do anything? Even the EM Bypass, built on such a wide stretch of land, has no sidewalks, or bus stop shelters from Science City upto Garia, if I’m not mistaken. You should see how buses get off the road to overtake other buses at Ruby – it is as disgusting as it is dangerous. And there isn’t space for sidewalks?
            There’s plenty space for everything if you know how to use it.

            And just stop with your “unnatural sex”-rant! If you think homosexuality and bestiality are the same please let us know – we won’t be wasting our time talking to you. Otherwise, NO ONE is asking to decriminalize “unnatural sex” but what do you define as “unnatural sex”? IPC 377 has no answers. So yes, anything from using a condom to parrot sex, as you described (seriously, tho?) falls under it. There can be separate laws instead of a vague one like this: Homosex is allowed. Beast sex is not. Consenting adults is okay. Rape is not. Can I say it simpler?
            But I guess that would be too simple for our law system – too simple for our lawyers to trick people and make their living. There’s a reason laws are never written so simply – ambiguity is their treasure!

          • CoolingGibbon

            First off I hope you realize you’re responding to a discussion that’s three years old. I’ve literally had to go through the entire thing just to figure out the context again.

            Either way I’ll try and address your comment as a fellow Calcuttan.

            “There’s plenty space for everything if you know how to use it.”

            — So you’re implying burgeoning population density has absolutely no effect on the city’s well-being?

            “If you think homosexuality and bestiality are the same please let us know”

            — Never said they were the same. I said both were “unnatural”. Big difference.

            “So yes, anything from using a condom to parrot sex, as you described (seriously, tho?) falls under it.”

            — Lol parrot sex? I think you’re mixing up my comment with those made by aniketdg.

            “Homosex is allowed. Beast sex is not.”

            — Really? Homosexuality has been legalized in India? Are you sure? Tell me more.

            “Consenting adults is okay. Rape is not. Can I say it simpler?”

            — Where did rape come in?

            “There’s a reason laws are never written so simply – ambiguity is their treasure!”

            — I think the laws are pretty clear regarding the status of same-sex marriage and bestiality as far as this discussion is concerned.

    • raghavuchil

      it is not cycling but human cycle rickshaw which is banned. One human being made to carry another human being is not right at all. Remember the movie ” Do Beegha zameen” in which Balraj Sahni acted as Rickshaw puller? That needs to be banned, same way we need to ban human scavangers..That is ultimate insult to human race…

  • Jude

    © so does it make me Gay if i fuck my girlFriend in the ass, since its unnatural sex.. will i go to jail.. damn i am so confused ..

  • asdf

    You forgot about sex toys!

  • Esha

    critic critics everywhere,
    will you please man up to make all fair?

  • Rikth

    guys most of the above info is wrong….. guys dont listen to bullshit !!

    • SwathywithaY

      can you elaborate? more importantly, do you have the intellectual capacity to elaborate?

  • Sagar Srivastava

    Is breathing allowed ? Seeing, walking, sitting, standing, etc. etc. Is writing this allowed ? Commenting, thinking, not-thinking ? Eagerly waiting to get these things get banned as well.

  • Pratiksha Mishra

    Next, we shall see the BAN of Air, Water and then Life

  • this

    Good article..but diverting to pessimistic side.
    No system is perfect, Indian government is a system. All we can do it try to reach as much closer to the perfection as possible. And what I believe is making Porn, marijuana,prostitution and smoking, legal wont make this Perfect either.

  • jitu

    Haha.. Most hilarious thing is that .. You appantly have funny fundamental rights such as right to privacy, right to freedom and you can still be arrested for having oral sex or anal sex .. To the castrated legislators anal sex and oral sex are unnatural !!! I don’t know if masturbation is unatural in India ?? We have been graduated from being slaves of Briton to slaves of ourselves in this Bannistan!!!

  • Eli Huerta

    How much I respect India and its law it just little bit better then my dumb country America!

  • Anurag Soni

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