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Impact Week 1: Project Footprints

It took two months of intense planning and effort for the team at AIESEC Chennai to set up Project Footprints, their most “historical pursuit” till date. (Read our overview of…..

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Project Footprints

As the world’s largest youth-run organization, the initiatives that AIESEC takes never fail to make an impact. AIESEC in India too gives a platform that one would only be proud…..

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Romancing the Border

iPakistan is an initiative started by students and young professionals to change the stereotypical image that the world has about the country. The students emphasize on the fact that they…..

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Middlesex University: A New Beginning

  I set foot in Dubai, UAE on 11th January 2011. This was a completely new chapter in the book of my life. This new beginning was the start of…..

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Anna University: A New Way Ahead

  “Excuse me? Where’s Vivekananda Auditorium?“ That’s how my running around inside the Anna University, Chennai, began. College of Engineering, Guindy. Long queues of parents and children filled the campus……

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Udaan 2011

AIESEC in Delhi University presents yet another brilliant initiative – this time, for helping the lesser-privileged realize their dreams. Shirin Rai Gupta tells us more about Udaan 2011. Young minds…..