One of our favourite bands from Bangalore,  Until We Last,  has just released it’s debut EP. You can stream the tracks above and download it (for free) from here.

The band consists of Ketan Bahirat (Guitars), Ralston D’souza (Drums), Chaithanya Jade (Guitars) and Paul Dharamraj (Bass).

This is what Ketan had to say about about the EP:

“We’ve been working on these songs for over a year and for that reason each one means a lot to us. Recording this EP was a blast and we really hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did during the process.
We’re looking forward to taking this EP on tour and getting these songs out to people, as our first official release we cannot wait for everyone to hear this.”

All tracks are written, performed and owned by Until We Last.
Recording Engineered by Rahul Ranganath
Mixed by Keshav Dhar at Illusion Audio
Mastered at AIR Studios, London
Art by Angiras Krishna


(Via WildCity and Until We Last)