I woke up one morning with absolutely no memory of what I was doing the previous night. Turns out I was under the influence of certain substances, milk and Oreos to be more precise. Then I realized that they weren’t Oreos; they were Olios. I should have known. I googled it.

I am not going to make racist jokes on the way the Chinese can’t pronounce the letter ‘R’.

The Chinese had already reinvented the original Oreo cookies for their market (this is the re-invented Chinese version). And it was only because of my milk and Oreo addiction that I ended up with this.

So, why the hell does China have to copy everything? Unfortunately, we will never know. However, here’s me trying to use my head to figure out what leads this great nation and its people to make copy everything and anything.

1. They make everything anyway

Chances are that the very device you are reading this article on is made in China.  It happens to be home to the cheapest manufacturing facilities in the world. And since it lets companies position their products more competitively in the market, almost everything is made in China. One of the best known out of these numerous manufacturing contractors is Foxconn. It makes all the Apple products that you love so much in its residential factory complexes which have their own TV channel. Oh yes, that’s what China means by capitalist communism. To cut to the chase, this gives the country and it’s industry access to just about anything they’d wanna rip off.

Yes, they even have a ‘con’ in their name

2. The everybody-wants-an-iPhone syndrome

This is relatively easier to understand. Every guy or girl out there wants an iPhone because it’s ‘cool’ to have one. My point here is that we can replace the iPhone with any fancy commodity you’d like: a Merc, a Beemer, or fuck cars, I want a private jet. We all love having these cool things to flaunt. And as it turns out, China being the nice little country it is, loves serving us. Hence they make knock-offs of every product that we’d associate the term ‘status symbol’ with. The only downside is that these products are not even half as good. There’s a reason why a Rolex costs that many more times than it’s Chinese knock-off Rollex. But honestly, I’d drive a car that looks like a Beemer; who cares if it falls apart and blows up in the middle of the road?

3. They are very good thieves

The Chinese are probably the world’s best thieves.  This is because to make a copy of everything, you need to know how to do it. As I mentioned in the first point, most of the original stuff that ends up getting replicated in China is also made in China.  But what would China do if they had to make low-cost fighter aircraft? Well they make a plan. They buy the license to manufacture the Sukhoi-27 fighter from a newly formed Russia and then actually make these planes for 15 years. Then they suddenly launch an aircraft called the J-11b and call it an indigenous effort. They even fail to change the nomenclature (you see, the J-11 is the Chinese code for the Su-27). The best part? They now intend to sell these jets to other countries like Pakistan (which also funded part of the fighter’s development). Did I mention they have also ripped a cancelled Israeli fighter? Or that they have ripped another Russian fighter (the Su-33) even though the Russians warned them of litigation for copying the Su-27?

4. They love working and making people work

China is home to billions of ‘sweatshops’ each of which can keep many human rights groups busy for years to come. And of course, you and I obviously don’t care if the iPod we love so much is made by an under-aged under-fed 8-year-old. That’s the bad bit of capitalism you see, and as we all know, the Chinese do a fantastic job in adapting things. There exists a China beyond those glass buildings and fancy cities. Most of the working class is so poor that they can’t afford to live in those cities. They work and then they disappear. Probably this is the perfect method to control such a large population but it’s unfair that only a section (the larger chunk) has to go through such hardships to live the dream of driving in a fake BMW while an entire section is busy driving around in their authentic BMWs wearing real Rolex wrist watches.

5. They don’t give a fuck

Have you heard of China feeling sorry for anything they have done? If you have, you should stop doing coke, it’s bad for you. China as a country has probably the biggest pair of balls ever. They don’t give a fuck about anything anyone has to say or do. And the worst part is that since they make almost everything we use, we can’t really fuck with them. It’s purely based on this unfair advantage that China goes about doing whatever the heck it wants to. Be it massacring democratic protestors, hunting Tibetan monks, claiming Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Kashmir as their own or letting such a huge industry of counterfeit product manufacturing right next to the places where the real deal is made. Their message is clear: copyrights and human rights? Well, you can stuff it.


Featured image by Anurag Banerjee

  • Anandi

    Ive wondered too, good idea to write about it.

  • Akansha

    I Really Admire The trouble you`ve taken to find out all the extra information. The Last bit of it, the “They Don`t Give A Fuck” part, and the “Olio” thing was Epic.
    The most absurd thing in this is the fact, that the chinese dont even bother to add some more details to the things they manufacture. They Shamelessly, Sell & manufacture products exactly identical (in terms of looks) to the original products, without any hesitation.

    Why don`t we all just sue them?

    • h

      have you been brainwashed by white people?

    • Akin Adedeji

      No, try it, just try it and you may never be able to write “why don’t we all just sue them” again. You know why, because that computer or mobile phone you are using to arrogantly type this is affordably MADE IN CHINA. So next time, you will be coughing out thousands of dollars to buy the device you are using now

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  • Joga

    They are similar to North Korea, in the sense that they don’t really care about what the world thinks about them. Their own laws are what matters to them, not some international law. Things may change as they become a developed nation, but they are evidently still a long way away from the likes of Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other developed Asian nations.

  • lul

    Same topic has been raised for Japan,Korea and now China. The passing 300 years is the best time for western countries they ever had. So just enjoy it and keep wailing

    • Aesirian

      Asians can never compete with whites.

      • Jimmy Smith

        and yet they have more patents and a bigger economy

        • Aesirian

          Who invented more? Who created classical music? China learned everything from the West, nothing they do now is original to them or their culture. They have no imagination.

          • tony

            I basically agree with what you say, but to be fair, look at everything whites have stolen/copied from Blacks. Rock n’ roll, jazz, blues, rap ect. Just about EVERYTHING that blacks have done since they first came to America, from their fashion to their slang to the way they dance and sing has definently been “borrowed” and imitated by whites. Also, you said that Asians can’t compete with whites, which I think is largely true, but you do realize that their IQ’s are higher than ours, right? That is an absolute scientific fact that you can look up. With that being said however, without us whites creating technology, saving and helping every 3rd world country on earth, and creating powerful, wealthy and prosperous nations like America that everyone floods to and depends on, everything that people love would disappear.

          • Richard

            Oh really? 2070 B.C. and 1492. I wondered which one is earlier, huh.

        • Aditya Kannan

          The chinese economy is a castle of fucking cards – these guys’ll be toppled either by rebellion or collapse.

      • Hannah

        Will you please stop saying “Asians” when you really mean Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. I’m Pacific and South Asian and I’m sick of getting grouped with these pale and ugly East Asians who have inferior-superior complex and passive-aggressive tendency.

        I cannot stand Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, and Viets and their unoriginality.

        • Aesirian

          You are perfectly correct. Please accept my apologies. I have done a lot of travelling in South Asia and the differences are vast.

        • WiseFundManager

          you’re a useless trash bag, flip

        • Richard

          Hey guess what. You’re being the “Asians” you stereotype as bad while you are typing this.

      • Aditya Kannan

        When the fuck are people gonna stop being so petty

      • Akin Adedeji

        Well maybe you will be dead and long gone when this will start to happen. You know why, check out everything, technology wise (Chinese and Indians and Russians especially are running every technology now that was invented in the west) demographic wise (i don’t need to tell you this), economic wise (i don’t need to tell you who controls america and european debts either), finally check your computer and mobile phone or electronics and toys in your house, who makes them…well that says something to me if not to you. So instead of you being a bragging idiot, why don’t you strategize how you will revive the good old days of the whites’ accomplishments?

  • Ares

    Their jet were based off old russian model actually. Russians only sell old jets so the Chinese modernized old jets to meet modern standards. That picture is from Brazil ghettos, not China -.-

    For any rising country, there is a stage in their life that they must copy instead of reinvent because it’s a a cost trade off. If you were born in the 1980s you know Japan experience similar phase where american brands were being copied in Japan and sold cheaper. China used the same economic model Japan did.

    Let’s be honest here, this article is pretty anti china to begin with. Not really fair to give half truth and hoping no one is actually paying attention to the details and try passing it off.

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  • i am asian

    THIS IS WHY I FUCKING HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pedro Duarte Gil

      Shut up and got back to factory

    • Aditya Kannan

      Bet you’re one of those rich, ignorant wankers who live in the city. Go, child, try to accept the shit your country is in.

  • WTH Western Whiners

    China learned from the best. After all wasn’t it the west that copied pretty much everything they know to this day from China? Tea for example? Or o I dunno PAPER? Maybe the compass that let you guys get to america to begin with so you could be whining on this site right now from all their sinophobic anti-china propaganda.

    But probably the real reason why China copies everything is that every one of the copies they come up with gets pointed out over and over and over again but nobody elses. Take Blizzard’s Overwatch for example. Google the character Pharah. Now I know most gamers in the world should pick this out immediately but there’s a Japanese character called Samus Aran that pretty much can be Pharah’s granny and definitely had nothing to do with Blizzard making the character. So where’s the “Why the Hell Do the Americans Copy Everything” article with the screencap of Pharah? GG haters. GG

    • Nikki

      Tea is english…

      • Jiexin Yue

        please look it up Nikki, Chinese been drinking tea since A.D. 264 and 273. British only introduced tea to western world during 17th century. People in part of Southeast china called tea “TEY” and that is where the word “tea” comes from in the first place.

    • Dabfox

      I totally agreed what you said, this article is basically anti-chinese. But what about the chinese from asia(not china), I mean I do agree the fact that the chinese from china copying and stealing ideas which made me felt angry and unfair sometimes. But that doesn’t mean every chinese do that, the people with the same culture in different countries do things differently. I just wanted to point things out that people with the same culture doesn’t mean that they are all the same, stop mixing china with chinese from the other countries, we are different ya dingus.(I’m looking at the writer > . >)

  • James

    What a bias lol. Like America doesn’t copy? Ever thought of why this happen? So now just a group of Chinese can represent China? Does that mean you can represent the whole America? If so, America sucks, just like you do.

    • Aditya Kannan

      It’s a bias fuelled by pure evidence.

  • James

    Fkin Apple company produces iPhone in China then sell it a really high price then we have to buy it back with more money. Each country has goods and bads. The culture in China is rooted and hard to change. Have you ever thought of why? By the time you actually found out why, if you have the courage to cuss around here, do you have the courage to stand up and fix the reality? There’s not much we can do. Not all Chinese are copycats. There are American copy cats too. We have a huge population too, so there will be more of copycats. Everything is made in China, that’s a reason that contributes to the copying. And guess who contributed to it? All country that sells made in China things are victimizers. No country is perfect.

    • Aditya Kannan

      Child, there’s something called imperfection and bat shit fucking stupidity. I think China and its behaviour falls in the latter.