Full disclosure: I DIRECTED THIS FILM. And numerous dfuse.in contributors from the past and present have been a part of the cast and crew of the film.

This film is based on the characters inspired by a short story also titled “Our Friend Junaid”. (published as a part of Urban Shots Yuva) But this short film is completely different from the short story; it’s as if it’s set in an alternate universe but has the same characters albeit a little younger than their short story counterparts.

Truth be told; the short story was written when I was genuinely angry at the world. But for some reason the story started haunting me post that, it was as if I was living like the characters. And then there was redemption- I decided to adapt it as a short film and in that process I ended up writing something completely new.

The official description is:

Our Friend Junaid is a short docu-fiction film made in the spirit of cinéma vérité where the camera becomes a part of the story as an observer.How would your friends remember you when you are gone? It contains interviews of five individuals as they recount the story of their friend Junaid detailing his life and what he made of it. They each remember him differently though their memories of Junaid intersect at certain junctures.
I hope you watch it and share it with your friends. Also check out the making of the film here.