An Evening Walk

My home in Abu Dhabi is simply a walk away from the corniche and I’ve never quite been grateful enough about it. It’s got to be the most beautiful stretch to walk along after 5 p.m., anytime of the year. Lined with coffee shops, strange fountains and Friday barbeque parks, this so-called desert has really evolved. In an otherwise dull town, this place attracts tourists and locals and their cameras and sketchbooks and has, over the years become veryclose to my heart. During the vacations, I was mostly all by myself while my parents were out at work. I found company among the waves at the beach, cycles and skateboards in the parks. Armed with my earphones and DSLR, I would befriend people, children (mostly their dogs), amused foreigners, abayas and bikinis at the beaches and most frequently, the friendly waiters at Cinnabon. I couldn’t possibly capture it all and hence the description – for you to catch an essence of my experience.

  • Swathy Sethumadhavan

    Be-yootiful pictures! ūüėĬ†

  • Alkasingh23

    wao!!! ¬†lovely pictures!!! ¬†brought back so many memories…….¬†

  • Avi ratna

    i have walked along that corniche many times but never perceived it the way you did …..both in words and picture

  • Apoorva Gavarraju

    I love when people take company in the things that surround them. 
    Also, surreal pictures. Love them! 

  • Anonymous

    I think this is my favourite entry for in.sight.  Simple and brilliant.

  • BALA

    great writing and pics too.

  • Santhosh7792

    grt pics….marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!