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Letter from the Editor

Dear readers, It is still difficult for me to believe that dfuse.in has turned two today. I remember our first few articles – they were all based on love, keeping…..

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One year and counting…

Words cannot even begin to describe the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at dfuse.in. Tempers run high (mostly between the editors), deadlines are almost never met,…..

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Thank you

For the panic and scare, For a moment to spare, For the fun and gossips, For the endless insane trips, For the bitching and the snares, For the immense love…..

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A new year.

Yes we all know it’s 2011. And no I won’t be lame here and wish you. I don’t really know how I feel today. There have been two major things…..

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Can’t you feel the love?

This is what happens when you leave Pune too soon. Missing the rest of the ‘staff’. Especially Rohan. No, I have no favorites. Except Rohan. I’m nice that way. Kbythn. I…..

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The reasons we were gone.

We’re publishing an article after almost 11days. And these are the reason why we were gone: 1. Arjun and Anurag were sent to cover the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. One of them fled with a certain hat…..