Sounak was in Kolkata during the monsoons. So instead of hovering around in the rains doing nothing, he decided to pick up a dear friend of his, the camera, and with a little help from this friend he scripted a beautiful poem. And it sure is beautiful.

Working in the confines of monochrome, Sounak managed to paint the very essence of the monsoons to its truest form. And what better location could he pick than the Gangaar Ghat, the Banks of the Ganges?
The photographs have an uncanny essence of a mellow disturbance, thus, bringing out the feeling of a stormy weather very well.

An excerpt from his blog reads,

“It was overcast, strong winds made the drizzling blow sideways. The umbrellas were of no help either, it kept folding backwards as I looked at the strong waves lashing onto the cemented stair case at the Bagbazar ghat. It was time for the monsoons again in the City of Joy. Well I don’t know much about joy because right now life is like a boat sailing across this storm fed river. I thought to myself, maybe a little time with the lens and shutter would keep things out of my mind.

Various kinds of people came here, some took a bath, some washed clothes, some came for an evening walk and there were some like me who came to open up.”

And you see the same sincere emotions embedded in his photo story. Beautifully done.

So now I am going to stop chirping and let the photographs take over.

– Anurag Banerjee, Photo Editor – 

  • Apoorva G

    Love the picture of the men on the rail tracks! 

  • Arnab Choudhury88

    quite good!