There is nothing new about the photograph. A cute pet, a good camera, an appropriate moment and a good frame – a tried and tested shot. Yet, I find this worthy of a mention because it has been very well executed.  The focus is sharp and precise and the shallow depth of field has been used to good effect.

This is not a very good frame in black and white but I like it specifically because of its innocence and honesty. It is complete with a touch of nostalgia and the subjects have been placed very appropriately in the frame. The two thick lines which are that of the bench  frame the picture very nicely. However, I do feel that this picture would have worked very well in colour too.

This photograph doesn’t leave room for many comments. To summarize, it is a good photograph – the colours are vivid and nice; the moment is well-captured; the framing is immaculate, but more than anything else , this photograph is a story well told. Well done!

This photograph demonstrates the very good sense of framing. The warm tones of the photograph have been well-maintained and I love the fact that the colours of the bag are so well co-ordinated with the colours of the wall. The gap in the upper wall is a very interesting element to include in this frame. Very well thought of.

‘Surrealism’ is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this photograph. More than the fluttering butterflies scattered around the frame, my favourite elements of the frame are the two blades of grass reaching out toward the sky. They arise exactly from the bottom corner of the frame, thus, not imparting the feeling of disturbance to the eyes. Extremely good sense of composition.

I always save my favourite photograph for the end and this one is a clear winner.  I have rarely come across such mastery over the use of negative space. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique compositions one would ever have come across. And the colours? Beautifully done!




  • Apoorva Gavarraju

    Brilliant stuff! I want to know who Kevin Gerard Fernandes is.