We haven’t done a playlist in a while, but that’s the whole point- to do it once in a while. We go genre hopping again. Press play and chill for 42 minutes of aural awesomeness.
Akkad Bakkad – Nucleya
Samson Delilah – Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator
Yourchin – your chin
Anandamide – blackstratblues
Bnadh Bhenge Dao – OST Tasher Desh
Sabse Peeche Hum Khade (Saarangi) Feat. Pt. Vinod Misra – Ankur Tewari
I Can Fly – All The Fat Children
Parhelion – Sundogproject
I’ve Got A Feeling – Sidd Coutto
Lucky Charm – Cloudstory