In this article, we have showcased six musicians who have been sketched and ‘tooned’ by Sukrit Nagaraj. Take a look at what he has to say and then move on to the gallery of images. 

I have always been fascinated by caricatures and cartoons and just like most of us, music has played a dear role in shaping up my personality. I wanted to improve my skills to illustrate and for quite some time I was looking around for a subject. After a few days of searching and procrastrinating, I started with sketching some Indian musicians whom I’ve been following and am huge fan of. After three days of sketching a variety of faces, I decided to trasfer them onto my laptop. Gradually, I started building concepts around all these sketches and making illustrative posters out of them. That resulted in the #sonofatoon project where I am giving away these posters for free on my microsite. Indeed, it was scary to begin with and it still is in a way, as I am slightly worried about my sketching and imitating skills. But then showcasing my work to the public and letting them opine and give feedback seems like the best way to improve.