1 minute read

Little Things

Sometimes, we tend to miss out on the small things that surround us. Perhaps it’s because of their size, or the fact that they’ve become so common that we ignore…..

1 minute read

Tashi Delek

Greeting someone is something that we do every day – at times, consciously and at other times, subconsciously. We greet people; we welcome them. Gestures such as welcoming a newly-wed…..

1 minute read

The Colour Red

As a colour, red is extremely powerful. It holds utmost significance and even has a lot of hidden meaning. Because it catches the eye so easily, it is a colour…..

1 minute read

A Cultural Concoction

In India, contrasting cultures can be found merging with each other on every street. Some perceive this as progress; some find this offensive and some find it simply funny. Therefore,…..