Launched on the 27th of February, ‘Flyte’ is Flipkart’s very own music store (claiming to be India’s largest so far). This is the site’s next breakthrough which has been possible after acquiring content from Mime360 and Chakpak. This positions Flipkart closer to Amazon which happened to launch recently. ‘Flyte’ is yet another breakthrough in Flipkart’s retail scene as it marks the site’s foray into the digital content distribution market.

It offers downloads in mp3 format with bitrates ranging from 64kbps to 320kbps (or ‘CD quality’ as Flipkart terms it). ‘Flyte’ will work because of the ease of payment and the price of the content (the lowest being Rs. 6 for a song and Rs. 25 for an album). Also, since it falls under the Flipkart umbrella, it will surely be a trusted service. The cons? Firstly, it isn’t anywhere close to iTunes in terms of variety. There is a dearth of international content on the site (barring popular artists). The absence of downloading files that have been encoded using loss less codecs like FLAAC will be turning off for serious audiophiles.