The Devil’s Triangle. The Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Martian Pirates’ Hideout.

The Bermuda is no ordinary triangle. First of all, unlike it’s uninteresting cousins, Scalene, Isoceles and Obtuse, this one’s definitely more exciting!

If we consider the triangular area bordered by Miami, Puerto Rica and Bermuda, the figure comes up to approximately 500,000 square miles which is equivalent to 1,294,994,055,168 m2 (One trillion two hundred and ninety four billion nine hundred and ninety four million fifty five thousand one hundred and sixty eight meters) in size. Yes, I used Google. Sue me!

What makes this Triangle exciting is that the U.S. Coast Guard has received more than 8,000 distress calls from that region and more than 50 ships and 20 planes have gone in there in the last century.

The Bermuda Triangle ‘incidents’ are no recent phenomenon. Christopher Columbus wrote about the mysterious light patterns in the sky as well as the bizarre compass reading in the area as far back as 1492.Rough estimation says that no less than 200 to no more than a 1,000 ships have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Some of the more notable disappearances include 5 Navy Avengers that were on a simulation flight over the Atlantic and a commercial flight which was on its way from Puerto Rico to Florida. In both cases, no traces of any of the aircrafts were ever found.


So how can massive chunks of metal weighing God-knows-how-many tons just disappear into thin air (or rather, water)? What’s weirder is that these disappearances are said to occur on days when the weather is favorable, in broad daylight after a sudden break in radio contact.


Over the years, many theories have sprouted to explain these absurd happenings.

The strangest one is about the existence of an underwater alien colony which accidently crashed into Earth and in order to maintain their privacy, destroys those ships which are coming a little too close to home.

Another theory is that of the lost city of Atlantis which is believed to have submerged underwater. The power crystals that the city supposedly possesses send out rays that damage the instruments on board planes and ships thus messing with their readings and the poor souls are lost in sea.

One of the more boring explanations would consist of shifting tectonic plates (9th grade Geography anyone?). This might have caused a massive hole (fine – a trench!) where the poor, unsuspecting ships and vessels of other souls fell into their watery grave – literally!


I have surely had enough of the Bermuda Triangle as of now and while this article might have interested some of you (I sincerely hope!), I am sure many others will want to go ahead and read up a lot more on similar mysteries. Go ahead because this is just the beginning to a world full of endless possibilities and inexplicable theories.

  • Rajdip Ray

    1 thing that never fails to amaze me….

    and there are absolutely No explanations for it….

  • St.Jimmy

    what about the theory of lesser graity in which the planes and ships are pushed up into space or a blackhole?

  • nimitt

    imagine if christopher colombus drowned. the Brits would have never found Americ and there would be no Cold war, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 9/11, George Bush and all the other epic tragedies. He just had to be the guy to sail through.

    • Aniket Dasgupta

      True that. Spaniards I say. Went out looking for India…opened up the box of all evil and fast food.