As the battle between film purists and digital whiz-kids continues about whether the film medium is better or the digital one, two of the largest film-camera manufacturers have quietly stopped manufacturing them to concentrate on bettering their digital offerings. So, is this the end of the film camera?


Now that everyone is hit by the F1 fever, you should really know about one of the greatest drivers in F1 history – Aryton Senna. Apart from being one of the best ever, Senna was also the most generous. After his unfortunate accidental death in 1994, it was discovered that he had given most of his wealth to the underprivileged. Do watch the documentary Senna for an insight into the rather short life of this legend.


Bangalore now has its own track-based metropolitan transport system aptly called Namma Metro. It might not serve much of a purpose transporting people since it currently covers a small area but it does give Bangaloreans bragging rights and a new pastime: joy-riding the metro just for kicks. So if you are in Bangalore or are planning to go, there make sure you go do the metro jig.


Allegro Fudge is a band that plays original music which goes beyond the lines drawn by musical genres. The songs have a distinct flavour. Their music sounds a whole lot different with strong influences from Blues, Countryand Pop music. This band from Bangalore is sure to go places.

Here’s their debut single ‘Colors Fly’. We are eagerly waiting for their debut album.


The Dewarists is a new music show on Star World and if you didn’t know that, it’s about time that you got to watching it. It kicks everything else right in the middle of their backsides because it’s that good.
In every episode it has a couple of musicians (from varied genres) collaborating to make a song that is played at the end. The best part? It’s also on You Tube legally. Go watch.


With Halloween coming up, you might want some slime. So instead of buying it why don’t you spend sometime making it.
This tutorial uses simple, everyday materials to make some slimey-slime. Do it just for the sake of it or because it reminds you of Nickelodeon or both.

Make your own slime