Selective coloring is a very difficult thing to master. If not done properly, it can make the picture look unnerving.  But if done properly, it can blend in very well with the monochrome surroundings and portray the desired mood perfectly.

This picture almost manages to do the latter. Almost. But falls short. In my opinion, it looks a little forced since I find the use of selective colour unnecessary here.

Also,the wall in the background is flared. Thus, it is a little distracting and tends to draw the attention of the viewer away from the main subjects. Even so, I like the subjects quite a lot A lower angle and a smarter crop would have helped make the frame better.

The mood that this picture put me in is quite difficult to explain, really. To summarise the mood, I might say that this is a satisfactory capture.

Pictures of clouds and cloud patterns and all have been done to death – to the point of it being called clichéd.

But this picture really put a smile on my face. Why, you ask? Thoughtful framing and a nice, mellow tone. The viewer is drawn to the bright, clear sky, but not with a jerk. Tery well done!

This is such a beautiful capture. I like the framing a lot. The face of the man is very nicely placed and the expression on his face seems timeless.

What makes the picture merely good and not great is the over exposure, causing burns and flares thus distorting the balance between the greys, blacks and whites.

Nevertheless, it’s a good capture.

Lovely. Simply lovely. I love the way the golden (I’m guessing they are leaves of a tree?) in the foreground leads the viewer’s eye to the main subject, the crescent moon.

And the black night sky beautifully completes the picture. It is like the moral of a story. Amazing use of space. Good stuff, yes?

I always keep my favourite for the end. This, hands down, is my favourite.

This one is so beautiful and trust me, it is not my bias towards silhouettes that makes me say this.

This is an AMAZING frame! I love the way in which the wires guide the viewer to the man. Very nice indeed.